Imagine the world that you can change with your gift which is only belongs to you!

This is one million pencils project.

please just lay back for 4 minutes.
and take a deep breath.

yes, we need you for just lay back. only for 4 minutes.
take a deep breat.

did you?


let's start.
assume that you have achieved all your goals in your life.
get your job with best income,
or the job you want very much.
fell in love with woman or man of your life
had your comfortable and peacefull home
had your smart car

no money problem,
no problem with anyone else and had satisfied relationship everyone else around you.

what if you have no any judgement to anyone or anybody and anything
no judgement to your past, or your future,
no judgement to your old people or future people

imagine these just 30 seconds.
what would it be like?
what would you feel?

imagine these just 30 seconds.

are you done?
what would be possible for you?

or get close to yourself.
what possible for you now?
feel it 10 seconds
and take a deep breath again.
think the one million people on the world.
they are breathing right now.

and all of them,
doing what you done just a minute ago.
writing their world on paper without any judgement or any limitation?
what would be possible for us and for our world?

feel the world with full of sincerity, intimate, enthusiastic with smiling eyes.
this is where our story begins.
now, you can take a last deep breath.

printy is a platform that offers ready to print designs & files for everyone of all ages.

after achieving one million checkouts
• we will buy one million (and more) pencils,
• organize events with kids, youngs and hopefull people for our world and their own.
• fund these people's project for creating better world and better society with their only gift.

if you like any design or file on printy, just buy, print & enjoy with it.
when you enjoying your life with your printy,
you'll actually make a tiny but very big contribution to all of us.
thank you.

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